Who are we?

Here is my reluctant bio:

– Susie Q –

I am a dog lover

Adventure seeking trail runner & traveler

An avid reader

Early to bed type of gal

An introvert in need of coffee

Snarky and self-deprecating optimist

I am sorting out whatever it is I am doing in this life in my own stubborn way.

And the other one . . .

– Bobbi Lu –

So, this is me. And me . . . is this. Hmm, I pretty much hate trying to explain who I am. I could list all the titles and descriptions that so many people use and fall back on – but that seems a bit boring. Mayhap I feel you will best get to know me by reading my writing – and that way, you get to form your own titles and descriptions instead of me shoving them at you. You will most likely have a better picture of me that way anyways. It’s not like you really need to know much about me to enjoy (or not) the musings on this blog.

However, if you want a few self-indulgent descriptors, keep reading . . . I like to explore, to wonder, and yet at the very same time it terrifies me – not having it all planned out. I love to learn, so I’ve spent time getting a few degrees at colleges, and also spent time as a teacher, hoping to transmit some of that love of learning to a few hapless middle school souls – not sure if it worked, but I gave it the ol’ college try. I have family, I have friends. I’ve lost friends, I’ve lost family – and actually, that last loss is what propelled me to step out of 15 years as an educator, take a breath, and cast off in a new direction. Which direction? Well, I’m working on that. Seems that I quite enjoy not having a set direction – weird for me – and this discovery mode I have found is enjoyable. I think I will stick with it for a while.