Some Extra Snark

A few guide-posts on life . . . or something like that.

  • Take one step. Look around. Notice shit. Take it in. Learn something. Take another step. Rinse and repeat.
  • Is that sass? I think that is sass. I like sass. Sass makes the world go ’round.
  • 42
  • Be selfish and take care of your own shit before making other people deal with you. In the event that you require help in hauling your shit, make certain that the other party is a willing shit-handler.
  • I enjoy following the rules unless I can question them out of existence.

Do you see what I see . . . ?

I work in admin and I have noticed a peculiar thing, when I trained a man to do the job there was no expectation of him to handle employee interpersonal issues. There was no expectation for him to get everyone organized. There was no expectation for him to keep things neat and make the place presentable. I am not certain what the expectations were but clearly they were not the same as the expectations that I was held to.

This is a hot button topic right now- men and women, equality, responsibility. I don’t think that culturally there is an open acceptance of equality. It seems to me that expectation must be built person by person, interaction by interaction. Finding a balance of social expectations, emotional openness and energetic connection is individual and the challenge is to strike a balance with each social interaction.