Embrace your Inner “Millennial”

-BobbiLu –

-Sussie Q –

I am struggling with writing this – mayhap because when I hear “Millennial,” I cring – a programmed response due to the continual bashing of this generation and their perceived behaviors the other generations have decided is acceptable – a great scapegoat, as it were. A very strong part of me rebels against admitting that I am part of this generation. However, that is probably due to all the “bashing” mentioned above. I always tend to point out that really, I am a cusper.

If I’m being truthful – I can’t even adequately describe what it means to be a Millennial – so again, it’s pretty unfair of me to balk against the term. If I’m going to embrace anything about this “generation” I think I should first start with their desire to be happy in their work and willingness to move around jobs to achieve that. I say this because it is in contrast to what I was taught – which was more of, “get a job, work hard, stay with that job to accumulate security and wealth, then retire.” I struggle to reconcile these two concepts of how to live life.

Right now, I am exploring the “finding joy in a new job.” I need a new path, a new adventure – but the generation before me would look askance at this. Why would one leave a secure, well paying job that could lead to a nice retirement? It is just madness.

But maybe that is something I love about these Millennials (us Millennials) – they don’t let “security” stand in the way of living their lives.

I hate to be just another snow-flakey millennial, but I’m going to go ahead and be one as I give you a bunch of unsolicited information and preach about how my lifestyle is the right one; while slowly proving to you that we millennials aren’t actually that awful and that it was the previous generations that fucked this world up.

Okay? We good? You ready? Great!!! If you read this whole thing, you get an award.

The fact is that we Millennials aren’t all snobby brats who expect everything to be given to us and to get a fancy award for wiping our butts! Who made those awards in the first place? Sure wasn’t me; I was out being a kid, playing in the yard with my dog, and minding my own business. I never wanted a rainbow colored 21st place ribbon! That just added insult to injury, so really, whoever made that ribbon into a thing gave me a complex about my own inadequacy. As a kid, I just wanted to put my head down and get through school, swim practice, and growing up, because I knew I was always going to be great at being in my 30’s.

Part two of this rant is a favorite bashing point on Millennials, living at your parent’s house beyond high school. Guess what? I live with my dad. And living at my Dad’s house is actually a really sound financial decision, I can make an effort to save the 20% of my measly income that is recommended. This way, I can retire one day and squawk at the younger generations for ruining our perfect society… Thanks a bundle for your judgement on my social abilities, work ethic, and moral compass.

You might have laughed. You might have rolled your eyes. You might have considered that broad generalizations that characterize groups of similarly aged people might, possibly, just maybe lack nauce and actual human consideration. I mean, The Greatest Generation, all of them?! There were some real assholes in that generation and there are in mine too. So maybe lay off the Millennials. Let’s just go for personal attacks and degrade people at an individual level instead of using a sweeping brush to destroy the egos of all of us snowflakes.

All of this self-righteous angst has me really wanting to prove to you that I am special and going to change the world. I’ll consider my options over pricey coffee and avocado toast.

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