“Off the cuff”

Neither of us are the type to really write “off the cuff” unless forced to, and neither do we just “go with the flow,” per se. So, we thought we would challenge ourselves and make this blog something we wrote in the moment and then posted. Our topic? How do you feel about the phrase “go with the flow”? This will be interview style – so enjoy!

So Q, how do you feel about ‘going with the flow’?

*holds a finger to her mouth and mimics a vomiting motion.

Hi Lu.

“Sweaty and, like vomiting. My organized brain does not like that, but I have been actively trying to be more present, which sometimes means I am forced to go with the flow. “

“This is going to be painful.”

Q, you are a pretty “earthy girl” and one would almost say, hippy-ish, if you don’t mind the phrasing. It seems that “going with the flow” would be a natural way for you to live.

Do you feel that as a mother you are better at going with the flow?

“There are times I can really go with the flow – say when interacting with people I don’t know. Actually, I think that is a lie. We both know that in new interactions I barely speak until the wine has been consumed or I am forced to interact through constant pestering. I can deal well with a crisis at work, if need be. However, in my personal life, that mantra induces sweaty vomit.

“Ok, on one hand I would like to say yes. Because, hell if you can predict what happens when you have a child… On the other hand, I have to say no, because I try to control everything that happens with my child. Because, I guess, you know, that it feels like I am failing as a parent if I am not in control. Which is bogus, my brain knows this, but it doesn’t matter.

There are circumstances where I can go with the flow, but I don’t actively seek those out because I prefer to just be in control.”

What areas do you go with the flow?

Ok. So how’s that working out for you – the always trying to be in control thing working out for you?

“Hawaii. I think, this gets into weirdness because it is in two parts. On vacations after they have started I am good at going with the flow. Before them, I am a planning fiend. And I am better at work, too, when the unexpected happens, which is all the time, so you kinda have to get good at that. “

“Oh, it’s awesome.”

How is trying to control all of the outcomes working for you?

Do you care to elaborate on that?

“Fabulous, obviously. I, unlike everyone else in the world, have been able to master the universe and control everything in my sphere. Or, it is possible that my answer might slightly resemble yours.”

“Oh sure. Nothing goes as planned. It’s kind of like someone is hucking a bomb into my carefully outline day planner. Thank god I use pencil.”

So you’re in great company. Do you have any, I guess for lack of a better term at the moment, goals around chilling the fuck out?

So, your philosophy is really panning out for you, then.

“Mmm hmm!” (through nachos). “I probably need to chill the fuck out about chilling the fuck out and then I guess I’ll just be me.”

“I’m well aware that it’s not working for me. But in all the ways that it is gloriously fucked up, it’s adding interesting fun. And . . . as I said, I’m a workin’ on it. And . . . this doesn’t have to be a run on sentence. Stop typing everything I say. You’re killing me. I really want to control this situation.

I do feel that as I get older and deal with different situations, I am much better at going with the flow.

And now it’s my turn – hand over the computer Lu.”

So the premise of our blog is about us being us, having big conversations, and being big ole nerds. So, is this us going with the flow or controlling things?

“I think this is us trying to control the flow.”

We have both had things happen in our lives lately, both good and bad, that have made us rethink our controlling nature. Perhaps we are learning to go with the flow after all.

“That’s good, why aren’t you writing that down, Q?”

And now a random Haiku:

Hell no we won’t go

I need a margarita

to give up control

“Um, thats a pretty terrible Haiku. We should write a Haiku about our bad Haiku.”

“Or we should just sign off for the night.

“Yeah. That.”

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