The Yin and the Yang.

-Bobbi Lu –

-Susie Q –

We decided to look around and write about the juxtapositions in our lives. The Yin/Yang, the crazy we feel when we feel both sides of something. I bet we are not the only ones.

How about the Yin/Yang of health/exercise, etc. For example, I want to be healthy – fit – strong. I also want to lay on my couch and watch the clouds, or a movie – with cheetos. It is often so difficult to motivate myself – even though I know all the reasons to go work out, eat right, etc. So, I have to find ways to kick my butt into gear! Bleh.

Somedays I feel as though I have conquered a mountain. I am a warrior. The next – I can do nothing and I am lost . . . again – in between somewhere and nowhere.

McKay vs. Ronin Dex – so there is the part of me that really is draw to the Jason Mamoa, Ronan, Drago, AquaMan type of scruffy bad ass – but there is also a part of me that really likes the nerdy, frantic, science McKay (If you don’t know these names – you should probably not read any of this). It’s the same with the Iron Man vs. Captain America deal. On the one hand, I agree with Iron Man’s reasons for wanting to have a governing body overseeing the actions of the Avengers. However, can any regular human really understand what the Avengers face and have to do? Captain is right in that the best hands are their own. They know what they face, they know the best path – though it is not a clean or clear one. If there is to be a governing body, it should be made by their own – by the Avengers.

I think I need to work and “do a job” and yet I very much enjoy part of this non-scheduled life I am exploring right now – so how do I have this freedom but yet make a routine and accomplish a “job” – air quotes because I am not sure about that term at this moment.

The push and the pull, the up and the down, the light and the dark . . . it’s all a part of us and our world . . .and sometimes I just want to set it all on fire!

Movement matters to me. Progress matters to me. Completing things efficiently matters to me. The call to keep going, keep moving, carry on and don’t stop. But what happens when I do stop? When am I allowed to soften, ease up, find stillness? Not just pertaining to actual movement of my body, but is there a way to find some stillness in my life? Can I root? Can I stay? I learn there is a part of me that counters the quick decision making part of who I am. I can be still, I can stay in one place, I can commit to things in life. I’ve learned this yin side is the forgiving side of me, the side that allows me to own a mistake, and not be so serious.

Traditionally, yin represents the feminine, moon, darkness, and an easy heaviness- I have found that it is in this dark and heavy place where I can reignite the spark and find some joy and lightness in my life. This balance has allowed me to feel authentic in my understanding of who I am at this moment. It has brought me an ease to being myself and a gentler kindness.

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