What do I value?

-Susie Q. –

-Bobbi Lu –

My time. My freedom. Quiet.

In my life, I want to call the shots on how my time is spent. I want my work to give me the freedom to enjoy living my life. I value my time and not wasting others.

The value themes that make me feel like I am living authentically are: nature, curiosity, gratitude, connection, and integrity.

Nature makes me feel rejuvenated and calm. It is the inhale in my life, filling me with endless possibilities, challenges, and excitement.

Curiosity drives me to understand, learn, and be open to connection. It is a tug, an urge, and it’s satisfying to dive deep.

Gratitude gives me a love for the simple things, an openness to people, joy, and warmth.

Connection feels courageous and as though I am fully accepting of myself. It gives my quiet life balance.

Integrity is being brave enough to be who I am, to stand on my own two feet, be quiet, strong, proud, and healthy.

In a regular day, I feel as though I am living authentically when I can involve my values. Whether that be by running or hiking and walking my hound dog, by getting lost in a new discovery, a good book, or writing to untangle a thought. If I am able to take a moment, take a breathe, and say thank you over my cup of coffee or to a friend or to my dogs. If I can have a conversation that has no time limit, to make eye contact (not the creepy kind), to take the time to understand someone. And finally, I am living with integrity when I am able to standing up for who I am and have boundaries and non-negotiables around my health and wellbeing.

For this writing session, we decided to define our values. I picked my top values and made my own definitions, which lead to an overarching value that I then expanded on.

  • Independance:  the ability to chart my own course and discover the world.
  • Possibility: the hope of what I could make/do/explore/discover.
  • Adventure: seeking into the unknown, charting a course of my own.
  • Connection: the exchange of personal energies and the chance to learn.
  • Purpose:
    • Though I wrote it last, I can tell that “purpose” has been on my mind a lot lately – as in, do I have one? Am I living with purpose? So I guess I should define it. But how? I can try the method of “what it is not.” It is not living for a paycheck. It is not fulfilling other people’s dreams. It is not my daily chores around the house. Perhaps I find purpose in the “why?” – our favorite topic at our blogging sessions. Not so trite as “why are we here?” but more of a “why I proceed . . . .” “why I continue.”
    • Hmmm – that makes me think about the other words and how they actually help define my purpose: the seeking of adventure, the connection to other people, the possibility that awaits, and the independance all this pursuing brings. In all this, I find . . . purpose.

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